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I am videographer Harutyun Gevorgyan.

I was born in 1992 in Armenian city  Gyumri, In the family of musicians.

I have been living in Istanbul since 2010. İ am married.İ have a daughter.


My interest in video camera began from  the age of 13, when I was studying  in the Theatre department of the Jean and Albert Poghosyan Art College in Armenia. Those years’  education favored me greatly  in achievement of art and aesthetic ability.


From 2013, I did  shooting video as a hobby, step by step gaining big experience İ decided to enter the  professional field.


İ prefer shooting film in documentary style of cinematography.


Since 2017, I have been working  by the name Harutyun Gevorgyan Videography company in the fields.


In 2022, I worked as a camera assistant in the feature-length documentary film ‘Ararat Uncovered’ shot by Australian Director Andy Simon and staring the world-famous actor Kev Orkian.



İt’s a big favor for me to meet new friends and intersting stories.



I look forward to your contact.

With respect...

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